About Me


Things you might want to know:

  • My name is Kat (aaaand i’m already lying, my name is Katerina, but I kinda hate it so you can/should/please-do call me Kat).
  • I still live with my parents goddamn it, even though I am an adult who can’t wait to get a real job and get the hell out 
  • I am currently looking for a dog since the last one run away, and by “run away” I mean “got stolen either by some people in the area who eat dogs -no joke-, or by some asshole who wanted a Beagle and didn’t bother to actually buy one”
  • I won’t hesitate to punch you in the stomach if you’re an asshole to other people (who weren’t being assholes to you first)
  • my e-mail is thatstrangegal@gmail.com and my twitter is @thatstrangegal
  • I will try and keep my anonymity for a while, if that’s okay with you
  • Now that you know how to contact me, and because everything on this blog is copyrighted and can’t be used,copy/pasted/printed etc. without ThatStrangeGal’s consent, please ask first

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